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What are the special properties of gold foil?

2017-10-27 09:43:29

      People's gold praise is also often reflected in the gold of the special process, such as: "Jinzhiyuye", "magnificent", described by the gold process is an important species - gold foil.

       Gold is stable, permanent does not change color, anti-oxidation, anti-moisture, corrosion resistance, anti-mildew, pest control, radiation, 24 carat gold leaf with gold made of gold foil has a wide range of uses. Ancient French gold foil is the first gold purification, and then by the tempered beat, into an area of ​​2.5 square centimeters of gold leaves, and then caught in the kerosene smoked into the gold paper, and then by 6-8 hours of hand hammer, So that gold leaves into foil, the area is equivalent to about 40 times the golden leaf, and then cut into a square Serve. Pure color, uniform thickness, durable color characteristics, is a symbol of wealth and gorgeous. The earliest discovery of the production of gold foil is the ancient Egyptian Nile River basin, gold foil in China is the traditional Chinese crafts, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, mature in the Southern Dynasties, popular in Song, Qi, Liang, Chen, Nanjing Longtan area (Jiangning) is the Chinese gold foil The birthplace, according to legend has been nearly 1700 years of history. Hebei Zunhua Qing Dongling Cixi mausoleum inscriptions, is a typical gold foil products.

       The traditional process of making gold foil, is the gold content of 99.99% of the gold bullion as the main raw material, the chemical polyester, hammering, cutting foil and other processes more than 10 special processing, to show the golden color, bright and soft, light as a feather, thin Such as onion skin, the thickness of less than 0.12 microns.

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