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The processing requirements of the base material of the embryo before the paste

2017-10-31 09:15:25

First, the principle of process: basal surface smooth, feel good, no bump flaws.
Second, the method:
1. Clean and clean (polished, polished): machine or more than 600 mesh sandpaper hand to play
Grinding and water mill.
2. Clean the surface: towel wipe or wool brush cleaning.
3. Anticorrosive treatment (make up putty, batch of ash): convex or sandy eyes with plaster fill.
4. Secondary grinding: sandpaper in the fill at the floor or uneven grinding (plus sand board, mainly to the manual water mill).
5. Primer protection: to polyester or nitro-based varnish spray bottom (varnish, yellow paint or the same color paint).
6. Bottom adhesive treatment: air compressor spray gun or artificial hand brush plastic.
7. paste foil process: (slightly).
8. Product protection: DuPont high gloss paint varnish protection (paint or hand paint)

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