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Gold foil named

2017-10-27 09:47:08

        Gold foil by spectral analysis, Wang water to test, ICP-AES determination of gold content of gold foil. According to the People's Republic of China industry standards, gold film named, and expressed the percentage of gold, such as gold film 99%, 99.9% gold film, etc., rather than K named.

       "Ci Hai" to explain "gold foil" as "with gold hammer into the thin, commonly used to decorate the Buddha and utensils."

       Gold foil and silver foil is a gold, silver hammered, the thickness of about 0.1 micron foil, mainly for the construction, artifacts, Buddhist statues, handicrafts decorative gold and gold production and precious Chinese medicine formula.

       Gold and silver are made of gold, silver foil, and then cut into gold and silver, and then twisted together with silk thread (or yarn); gold leaf makeup with silver foil (smoked into gold) processing Into the gold line (imitation gold line) also known as "medicine gold line", are traditional high-grade silk, such as brocade or embroidery weaving raw materials.

       Qing Emperor Qianlong under the Jiangnan private visit, had made a special trip to visit the secret of gold foil, thanks to the local establishment of the gold foil craft ancestor Ge Xianweng (Eastern Jin Dynasty alchemist Ge Hong) gold foil ancestral hall. Eastern Jin has been 1700 years of history. More than ten years ago, the sensation of the world's old mountain Han tomb excavation, even found a large number of gold foil with funerary objects, which will be 1700 years of China's gold foil craft history forward 1000 years, the mysterious gold foil once again become the world The focus of attention. Southern Song Song Shan Shan's "Danyang mind" and other documents, there have been production of gold and silver foil and set Kam records. Tang Tao Yu in the Tang Dynasty in the "poor woman" poem wrote: "Peng door did not know Qi Luoxiang, intends to be good luck also self-injury. Who love romantic high style, a total of pity when the frugal dressing. Do not put the double eyebrow fight long. Bitter years of annual gold line, for others to marry clothes.

       In the long historical years, the feudal ruling class to show their wealth and wealth, the emperor will be the phase of the robes, the Queen's Princess Feng Guan Xia are decorated with gold and silver thread embroidery weaving; gold foil is used for palace decoration, The Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty have set up a brocade weaving House, when the gold foil, gold line with the development of brocade and flourishing, engaged in this industry craftsmen nearly ten thousand people. To the early years of the late Qing Dynasty, due to war and feudal rule of incompetence, gold foil, gold industry production and management has also been severely damaged.

       According to the gold foil old artist's genealogy and oral evidence confirmed that the production of gold foil and gold line at least 120 years ago, that is, the Qing Dynasty. At the beginning of the city there are gold foil, gold line production industry more than 30 workers, more than 200 workers. Before and after the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, due to the construction of the kingdom of the government and other projects need a lot of gold foil for decoration, has set up gold foil Division, the jurisdiction of three or four hundred workers.

       Gold foil production process unique, high technical requirements, from ancient times so far. Has been handmade. The main production process is: the pieces of the gold will be melted into small pieces; shot leaves the gold bullion beat, cut into a few millimeters square small sheet; loaded into the twist to small thin gold film with kerosene black black gold Paper, this kind of Wujin paper produced in Zhejiang Shangyu, Fuyang area, to the year of raw bamboo for the material, and by 5 volt season soaking, retting after the final made, it is also known as "five-volt paper", with 2016 Zhang 20 cm square Wujin paper stacked into a box, commonly known as "family", a total of 2014 can be a small piece of gold, the outer package to kraft paper, you can play foil; playing foil to a hand holding a few kilograms of hammer Beat, another person hammer with hammer called on the next hammer, so beat for several hours, can only "family" within the small gold into a very thin gold foil; out, cut foil with feathers from home to pick Gold foil placed on another paper-based, and according to the standard specifications with bamboo knife cut into a variety of sizes of gold foil products. In the late 1970s, artificial beaten the machine to fight the foil, so that foil workers from the heavy manual labor freed.

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