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New product hot stamping foil for crafts decoration

Indoor decoration,furniture decoration,hand-made,hot stamping foil,colorful gold sheets,engineer gliding projects

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This is the description of New product hot stamping foil for crafts decoration

Product model

color leaf JSR

Product features


indoor decorations ,
Furniture decoration,
crafts gliding,
and engineer gliding projects.

Art, Crafts Decoration, Gilding Crafting, Frames etc

Product specifications


Payment method

T/T ,West Union,PayPal

Minimum order quantity

5 rolls

Price range


Logistics information

Conventional packaging:10 rolls/ctn

Delivery period: within 7 days

Supply capacity: 10,00rolls/month

Port: Guangzhou

Application areas


Color Leaf is commonly used for framing and furniture and quite widely used in interiors as wall decoration or on decorative items .Color leaf is also can be use in decorative paper,color leaf picture frames,artificial color leaf craft,color leaf wallpaper,color leaf mosaic tile

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