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gold leaf imitation gold leaf

indoor and outdoor decorations , Furniture decoration, crafts gliding, and engineer gliding projects.

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This is the description of gold leaf imitation gold leaf

Product model

Japan transfer gold leaf JSG-13

Product features


indoor and outdoor decorations ,
Furniture decoration,
crafts gliding,
and engineer gliding projects.
Good for all gilding applications with many kinds of materials like metal, wood, board, paper, fabric, plastic, polystyrene, ceramic, glass, stone etc. For example: Artistic Handcrafts; Decorations & Renovations; Graphic Art; Craft Projects; DIY Repair/Patching, Refinishing/Restoration Projects and any other creative use imaginable.

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Payment method

T/T ,West Union,PayPal

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Logistics information

Conventional packaging:500pcs/box ,20 boxes/ctn

Delivery period: within 7 days

Supply capacity: 10,000box/month

Port: shenzhen

Application areas


Imitation gold leaf is also called composite gold leaf, Made from brass and a combination of zinc and copper. Thickness is approximately 0.3-0.4 microns. which is beating by small metal material ,it can be apply on the surface of different material such as furniture, wood, glass, frame, wall, ceiling , temple, figure of buddha, tableware and many kinds of artware etc. it is most popular metal leaf in market

gold leaf
gold leaf
 imitation gold leaf
 imitation gold leaf
gold leaf     imitation gold leaf
gold leaf imitation gold leaf

Gold leaf unique production technology, high technical requirements, since ancient times. It has been handmade. Its main production process is: the strips melt the gold into small pieces; the leaves are shot on the gold strips, cut into small pieces of several millimeters square; the equipment holds the tweezers and the thin gold pieces are sandwiched between the black gold that is blackened with kerosene. In the paper, this type of black gold paper is produced in Shangyu and Fuyang, Zhejiang Province. It was originally made of fresh bamboo and used as a material, and was finally made by soaking and smashing in five seasons. It is also called “five volt paper”. 2016 20cm square gold paper stacked into a box, commonly known as "home life", a total of 2014 small pieces of gold clips, the outer layer and then wrapped with kraft paper, you can foil; foil to be a person holding a few kilograms of hammer Beating, another person holds a hammer and beats and beats the upper and lower jaws, so for several hours, he can beat the small golden pieces in the “family life” into a very thin gold foil; picking up and cutting the foil and picking feathers from his family’s life. The gold foil is placed on another paper base, and a variety of sizes of gold foil finished products are cut with a bamboo knife according to specifications. In the late 1970s, labor was beaten and changed to foiling machines, freeing foil workers from heavy physical labor.
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