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gold leaf gold foil

indoor and outdoor decorations , Furniture decoration, crafts gliding, and engineer gliding projects. Send Inquiry Now

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This is the description of gold leaf gold foil

Product model

Color leaf JSG-02

Product features


indoor and outdoor decorations ,
Furniture decoration,
crafts gliding,
and engineer gliding projects.
Good for all gilding applications with many kinds of materials like metal, wood, board, paper, fabric, plastic, polystyrene, ceramic, glass, stone etc. For example: Artistic Handcrafts; Decorations & Renovations; Graphic Art; Craft Projects; DIY Repair/Patching, Refinishing/Restoration Projects and any other creative use imaginable.

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Payment method

T/T ,West Union,PayPal

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Logistics information

Conventional packaging:1000pcs/box with interpaper

Delivery period: within 7 days

Supply capacity: 10,000box/month

Port: shenzhen

Application areas


Imitation gold leaf is also called composite gold leaf, Made from brass and a combination of zinc and copper. Thickness is approximately 0.3-0.4 microns. which is beating by small metal material ,it can be apply on the surface of different material such as furniture, wood, glass, frame, wall, ceiling , temple, figure of buddha, tableware and many kinds of artware etc. it is most popular metal leaf in market.

gold leaf
gold leaf
 gold foil
 gold foil
gold leaf     gold foil
gold leaf gold foil

gold foil naming rules
Gold through the spectral analysis, aqua regia test, ICP-AES method for the determination of gold content. According to the People's Republic of China industry standards, the name of the gold film, and the gold content of the percentage, such as 99% gold film, 99.9% gold film, etc., rather than K named.
Generally we can observe by the naked eye, real gold foil will show green light, imitation gold foil will not show the green light; there are more real gold foil than imitation gold foil, real gold foil hand touch that is broken, and imitation gold foil than real Gold to be thick, hand touch will not be broken, as well as real gold is not afraid of fire refining, with fire can also distinguish between true and false, imitation gold foil is the main raw material of copper, copper will be generated by combustion of copper oxide and black, and real gold will not.
If we want to measure the gold content of gold, we will have to go through a special instrument, but we can also distinguish between about one through the human eye, there are 9 red 8 yellow 7 blue. That is, gold content of more than 90 for the reddish, content of 80 for the yellow, content of 70 for the partial cyan. Nowadays, the production of gold leaf has been integrated into the modern science and technology. The auxiliary materials used (such as black gold paper) and equipment have been greatly improved, yield and quality have been greatly improved. Modern science and technology flourished traditional gold foil craft, developed a new variety of gold leaf, such as the use of high-tech laser light carving method in the 99% purity gold foil carved, bronze and become the boutique, with preservation, collection, commemorative and appreciation of the value.
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